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Still To Be Determined

Jun 29, 2020

Matt and Sean discuss various battery options, mechanical power production, and how cool something as simple as a falling weight can actually be. And more quarantine content ... what we've been watching to keep our minds off of things.

YouTube Episode: "The truth about battery-powered cities and renewable energy."

Jun 22, 2020

Matt and Sean discuss different ways of approaching home-automation (cheapest, easiest, and most impactful), the balance between freedom and usability, and what songs should play when the lights go out unexpectedly.

YouTube Episode: "Top 10 home automation ideas - Ultimate smart home tour."

Jun 15, 2020

Matt and Sean talk about what scares people about thorium reactors and nuclear energy, how to take the long view on difficult projects, and how to eat rice off your pants. We also chat about some more about TV recommendations during the pandemic, like Dead Wood, Homecoming, and more.

YouTube Episode: "Thorium explained...

Jun 8, 2020

Matt and Sean talk about the Rad Power RadRunner 1 E bike, the ins and outs of city cycling, and learning to ride a bike heavier than the Earth itself. Before getting an E bike check to see what is legal in your area.

YouTube Episode: "Why drive when you've got this? RadRunner E bike review"

Jun 1, 2020

NOT TO SCALE: Matt and Sean talk about graphene, how it's made and how it *might* be used. Everything from graphite to flash graphene. They also discuss interns singing Queen, absurd smiley faces, and the bad B-movie set design that is the SpaceX space program.

YouTube Episode: "The truth about graphene - what's the...