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Still To Be Determined

Jul 27, 2020

Matt and Sean talk about the debate around carbon cleaning technologies and why an all-or-nothing approach may not be the best option, as well as ways to break up stale routines in the name of pandemic-sanity … that includes ginger beer, Dole whip and dressing up as Mickey Mouse.


Jul 20, 2020

Matt and Sean talk about the evolution of remote work, including how it's impacting Matt's own YouTube channel. Also: suggestions on movies, television, and other Youtube channels to keep us sane during the pandemic-era.

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Undecided with Matt Ferrell: 

Jul 13, 2020

Matt and Sean discuss some possible (but unlikely) uses for carbon nano-tube technology such as Road Runner style escapes, space elevators, and cars that melt into the center of the Earth. Also: what to watch if you don't have a sensory deprivation chamber.

YouTube Episode: "How carbon nanotubes might boost solar...

Jul 6, 2020

Matt and Sean talk about the Sense energy monitor, machine learning and smart home, and why someone might try to cook eggs on a dehumidifier.

YouTube Episode: "Tracking your EV, solar, and energy use with machine learning - Sense smart home interview.”

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